Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Katie Kox: My life in Porn - an Autobiography

Hello Everyone. My name is Katie Kox and most of you already by now know that I have honed in my career as an adult entertainer. I love what I do and who I do on a daily basis. I would not have it any other way. I love sex and I love getting paid for it. I am happily married with 2 daughters. My family (all my family) know what I do and they support me one hundred percent. Although I gotta admit, this business is not always glitz and glamour, I do find myself finding out what I am really made when I come to the challenges that come my way in this business. Its hard work, Im not gonna lie. But I believe you should always do what makes you happy.  This morning I shot a gangbang scene with 12 black men. Afterwards we all went out for drinks and back to my hotel this time to have sex without cameras, why? because again I love sex and whether I get paid or not I always love having it. This blog I hope will chronicle my trials, my errors, my triumphs, my acheievements, my sadness, my happiness, my childhood, my adulthood. I hope this blog will provide a more intimate portrait as to who I am, Im not just a big-tit whore who enjoys getting up the ass everyday. I also have a heart. I also have visions. I am also a mother. I am sometimes the friend you always longed for. I am human. And sometimes as pornstars we often get percieved as someone who is far from human.  And nothing could be further from the truth. I hope you will join me along the way as I blog about my life in the porn industry and know for the very first perhaps that I am just like you or the girl next door.